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Walking Tours of the
History and the Hauntings of Bala, Gravenhurst and Parry Sound
and the published books by Terry Boyle

Entwood Tours

invites you to join Canadian author
Terry Boyle on Historic and Haunted walks of Bala, Gravenhurst and Parry Sound, Ontario, Canada

Terry  hosted the popular radio show Discover Ontario on Classical 96 and 103.1, Toronto, for 14 years. He has talked and written about Ontario folklore and history for more than 40 years and authored seventeen popular books 

You will hear and see how Parry Sound grew from a native village to a sprawling lumber centre. Perhaps you will hear an eerie wail at the Parry Sound Jail or see the lingering spirit of Belvedere Hill. Terry will highlight the walk with upwards of 300 vintage photographs of the downtown area

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